Man in court for perjury – after ‘stealing his own bed’

namib times 31 july 2015


Festus Tjiuorokiza (32) made his first appearance in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s court yesterday for opening false cases to the police, and lying under oath.

The police have opened a case of perjury against Tjiuorokiza for making false statements and opening false cases, after he had filed a case claiming someone had stolen his bed.

Tjiuorokiza was granted bail of N$2 000 by Ma-

gistrate Sindano Liwoyo and will return to court on 9 September after he case was postponed to give him time to gain legal re-


According to court records the accused allegedly opened a case at the Tu-taleni Police station on 20 July this year.

He claimed someone had broken into his shack in Swael Street Kuisebmond between 17 and 20 July, alleging he was out of town at the time, and that his double bed worth N$5 600 was stolen.

The report further states that the police, during their investigation, spoke to Tjiuorokiza’s neighbours and heard from one of his neighbours, that it was the suspect himself who had been seen carrying his own bed out during the night.


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