Man loses his ear in savage bar brawl

Namibian rugby player faces total ban after barbaric attack

Isaac Chikosi

A Namibian rugby player’s sport career hangs on a thread after he allegedly bit off the ear of a Swakopmund resident during a bar brawl in the holiday town on Friday night. The rugby player is affiliated to a leading sport club in Windhoek and a meeting was held last night to determine whether this rugby player would be expelled from the club.

The Club where the incident took place in Swakopmund is known for periodic bar brawls and other unacceptable public behaviour. The Club and the rugby player’s identity would be made public in due course.
Namib Times also learnt reliably yesterday the incident could have further implications, as the victim is closely related to a person who works for one of Wanderers’ main sponsors.
“This is a very bad situation. A meeting will take place tonight (Monday night) to determine this player’s immediate fate. Then there is also the criminal matter, as the victim laid charges at the Swakopmund Police”, a source at Wanderers explained yesterday.
The victim’s mother explained a group of rugby players arrived at the club all hyped up after a rugby game. Very soon after their arrival an argument ensued between one of the players and a lady.
Matters worsened to such an extent the club’s security moved the two arguing persons outside. A video shows the rugby player moving towards his victim and the next moment the victim was bleeding and a part of his ear missing.
Bystanders came to the victim’s rescue by getting the aggressive rugby player away from him. The bleeding man was rushed to the Cottage Medi-Clinic where a medical doctor did his best to re-attach the part of the ear bitten off.
The victim’s mother is furious about the incident and expressed hope her son’s ear would heal.
She confirmed the matter was taken up with the Namibian Police. She is confident this rugby player would be arrested and face criminal prosecution.

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