Man murdered after insulting two men

Two men have been arrested and charged with the murder of a 31-year-old man in Kuisebmond on Sunday. The man was murdered in what was described as a “brutal attack”.
The incident, which allegedly took place at around 11:30 on Sunday morning in Tutaleni, was allegedly in reaction to the murder victim, Aaron Ruhozu, insulting the two suspects.
An argument ensued which then took a turn for the worst when the suspects attacked Ruhozu with sticks.
The attack turned more violent as the suspects began to stomp and kick Ruhozu. The suspects continued the cold-blooded beating, which lead to Ruhozo’s death.
The pair, 27-years-old and 28-years-old respectively, will appear in the Walvis Bay magistrates court today on a charge of murder.
The alleged murder follows only days after residents of the coast congregated in Swakopmund and formed a human chain to show discontent with the sensless murders that plague the coast in recent months.

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