Man rapes six-year-old daughter of his girlfriend

An 18-year-old man was arrested on a charge of rape after alleging attacking and sexually assaulting a relative’s minor girlfriend on Saturday. The suspect went looking for a place to sleep at the relatives ghetto in Mondesa, Independence street.
When the suspect arrived at the relatives, only the relatives’ girlfriend (17) was present. The girlfriend reportedly agreed to allow the suspect to sleep in the ghetto only for the night. It is further alleged that the suspect attacked and raped the girlfriend and left the ghetto.
The matter was reported to the police and the suspect was arrested. The suspect was set to appear in Swakopmund magistrate’s court yesterday.
An attempted rape was reported at Karibib on Saturday, after a 22-year old male climbed through an open window of a couple’s home and allegedly attempted to rape a 30-year- old woman while sleeping next to her boyfriend.
The suspect reportedly gained access to the room and tore the victims clothing and tried to rape her. The victim and her boy-friend woke up and managed to overpower the suspect and locked him in a room while they contacted the police. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody, and appeared in Karibib magistrates court yesterday. The matter is being investigated by the police.
In another incident, the Police investigates the rape of a 6-year-old girl, allegedly at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend. It has been reported that on Thursday afternoon, while being in the care of the boyfriend at their home in Tutaleni in Walvis Bay, the suspect sent the two other children, also present at the house, to the shop. The suspect then raped the girl. The girl claims that it had not been the first time that it has occurred. The matter was reported on Friday, and the suspect was arrested.
Investigations now look into the matter to ascertain whether the victim has been raped more than once by the suspect.

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