Manganese frustration clings to Lüderitz

Attempts failed recently to close the open-top containers in the port of Lüderitz laden with manganese ready for export. The manganese arrived from South Africa’s Northern Cape at Lüderitz by rail in these containers which are open at the top. It resulted in a black dust covering parts of the town and resident irked by what they describe as environmentally unaccountable practice.

Following complaints by residents, workers attempted to cover the open containers with shade net and tarpaulins but Lüderitz’ unforgiving wind soon tore it open and it was back to square one.
According to Lüderitz Marine Research, workers this weekend first attempted to cover the top containers with shade net and then with black tarpaulins on Sunday. In the normal weather conditions of Lüderitz with the south wind that is back, the tarpaulins started to tear.
Residents are asking why properly handling a toxic material is an issue. An article by the Lüderitz Marine Research on social media read after this weekend: “For today the generated dust was blown straight onto the norther end of the quay and into the sea (with unknown consequences on our marine environment)… but for Tuesday night and Wednesday some serious east wind conditions are predicted… and the dust will then affect Shark Island and its inhabitants and workers. My office is there too!
Answers please! is this legal? If so, then it is not adequate, nor responsible! and needs to be remedied a soon as possible. Again, this is not meant to tarnish the image of this project! We would indeed welcome a new project which would benefit the town and the region… as long as it is a clean operation not detrimental to the environment of people health and follows legal requirements (we have stated this several times before).” Residents feel answers should come from TradePort and other stakeholders.

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