Mass Houses soon to be allocated

The houses constructed under the Mass Housing Development Programme (MHDP) in Swakopmund are in the final stages and will soon be allocated to the beneficiaries. In total there are 6 663 applicants eligible for social houses constructed under the MHDP in Swakopmund, it was revealed during the recent Town Council meeting.

The Swakopmund Town Council has decided that whenever social houses built under the Mass Housing Development Programme (MHDP) become available applicants from both the waiting lists of the Namibia Housing Enterprise (NHE) and the Mass Housing Waiting list will considered on a “zebra style” basis. The waiting list from NHW contain the names of 6 663 applicants.
The future allocation of houses constructed under Mass Housing Development Programme (MHDP) was discussed at the recent meeting as the construction of some of these houses is in the final stages. Council discussed the point as allocating houses on a first-come-first-serve basis “may invite unforeseen challenges.” It was therefore decided to rather select names in chronological order from both lists according to dates of application.
The MHDP was introduced in 2013 by former head of State Hifikepunye Pohamba. Local authorities were instructed to compile up-to-date waiting lists for applicants. According to the Agenda the Community Development Services was instructed to combine all waiting lists into one master waiting lists to ensure the process would be transparent. “The municipality compiled their list waiting list however, the NHE could not present a completed waiting list on time,” it states in the Agenda. The line ministry advised the municipality to stick to approved waiting list.
In the Agenda it further states that during the screening of the various applicants it was discovered that some beneficiaries exceed the income ceiling of N$6 000 and as such qualify for credit link houses according to the NHE policy. NHE on the other hand had applicants on their waiting list, earning less than N$6 000. It was therefore suggested that the names from the lists should be swapped around accordingly, to ensure that applicants earning below N$6 000 qualify for a house under the MHDP. The list submitted by the NHE to the municipality contains 6 663 applicants earning less than N$6 000.
While Council has now taken a decision on the allocation of houses to the beneficiaries having applied for them, when allocating some houses men and women in uniform will be considered. IN this regard Council will consider and screen a total of 27 applicants employed at the Correctional Services as well as 18 people working the police force. The allocation will be done under a “quote system.” It was also decided that the municipality approach various ministries and directorates to provide names of staff members in uniform who need housing.
Forming part of the decision Council requests beneficiaries to provide voters cards as proof of residence in Swakopmund.

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