Mayor calls on communty to prevent fire incidents

Swakopmund mayor Pauline Nashilundo has urged the community to be extra cautious during the prevailing hot East wind conditions, which are prone to an increase in fire incidents. She made these remarks during the recent Town Council meeting.
“Reports of fire incidents continue to increase despite efforts by our Fire Brigade to mitigate the situation on how to handle items of flammable nature. It is disheartening if not distressful at best, to witness people’s possessions and at times lives being lost in this man-made fires that we can control by paying more attention to the information that we are getting,” she said during the meeting.
She urged the community, especially those living in fire prone areas, such as DRC and Mondesa, to be extra cautious and not to leave their candlelight, cooking fires and stoves on and make sure they are switched off before residents go to bed or leave their house. “We are also experiencing East winds that can also be dangerous should a fire break-out, therefore please let us be more extra careful,” she said.

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