Mayor concerned over cleanliness of Walvis Bay

In a recent Council Meeting held the Walvis Bay Council Chambers, Mayor Immanuel Wilfried expressed his dissatisfaction with the general cleanliness of the harbour town. He explained not only is a clean town important from a health standpoint but it also conveys an image to visitors and investors.

“Regarding the cleanliness of Walvis Bay, we have to do some serious introspection though. Our standards have dropped and we need to regather our once lofty efforts to make sure we present a clean and healthy city to everyone who lives here, and pleasantly surprise all our visitors. We are hosting a number of events throughout the year, and we cannot relax our efforts any further, especially with events such as Heroes Day coming up soon,” commented the Mayor.
This matter is of high concern to the Mayor, as it is the first time Heroes Day will be celebrated in Walvis Bay. In the same breath, the Mayor added that due to the Heroes Day celebrations, the annual Mayoral Fundraising Dinner will be rescheduled.
The Mayor also encourages residents to familiarise themselves with the 2016/ 2017 Capital and Operational Budgets, “in order to see how it will benefit your suburb or the city in general.”
The Mayor added, “We have passed the halfway mark of the year, and likewise, winter.
Although Walvis Bay’s weather is for the most part temperate and east weather has occurred in more regular bursts than we are accustomed to, we have lately experienced some very cold nights too. In view of that, I would like to urge businesses and residents to think about the less fortunate, especially children who do not have a loving family, and who may be longing for a good meal or something warm to shield them against the harsh weather.
I would suggest that you contact the welfare offices to find out how you can play a worthwhile role.
You would also be welcome to get in touch with our Junior Council to assist wherever possible.”

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