Mayor of Swakopmund officially opens extended beach walkway

Sharlien Tjambari

The Mayor of Swakopmund, Her Worship Cllr Louisa Kativa on behalf of the Swakopmund Town Council officially opened the extended beach walkway at the northern beach area across the Wurstbude restaurant in Vineta, to the public on Wednesday, 1 December.

The now four meter wide, 8 km walkway was extended by one kilometer and stretches from the Swakopmund Aquarium to Platz am Meer. The walkway is open to cyclists and strollers.
According to the Mayor of Swakopmund, the walkway extension project began in November 2020 and came to completion in July this year, with the aim of extending the then existing ending point, up to the Platz am Meer shopping mall.
Cllr Kativa said, this also meant widening this 1.3 kilometer existing walkway from two to four metres, which was done in the months of August and October this year. “Modifications were made to accommodate a future planned restaurant. This was done between 1 to 28 November, and ensured for a 4m wide, 380m long modified walkway,” said Cllr Kativa.

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