Mayor warns against “politically motivated” events organisers

Walvis Bay’s mayor, Cllr Trevino Forbes, called upon individuals, companies and Government ministries to engage his office when they organise events in the harbour town.

Several events have taken place in recent months where the organisers simply did not invite the mayor. These include a number of Government events and also a new business launch, by a very prominent Namibian corporate, to which the Governor of Erongo Neville André and a visiting Governor of another Region were invited. Mayor Forbes was not on the invitation list, leaving the newly elected local authority council embarrassed.

Mayor Forbes in his mayoral address during the monthly Council meeting on Tuesday night specifically warned against politically motivated disdain in which events organisers don’t invite the mayor and Councillors to Government-linked events.
He also attributed other occasions to which neither himself or Councillors were invited as pure ignorance by the event organisers.
“In accordance with internationally accepted guiding principles, the Mayor is the first citizen of a municipal area.
It also follows that the Office of the Mayor represents all citizens in such jurisdiction, irrespective of such citizens’ colour, tribe or political affiliation.
It further goes without saying that certain events by their very nature would therefore involve the presence of the Mayor in his or her official capacity.

When such protocol is ignored, either through ignorance or clear disdain our municipal area, the general public may interpret this as a sign dis-respect towards the people of Walvis Bay.
I therefore appeal to individuals, companies or government entities to engage with the Office of the Mayor when organising events of an official nature.
My staff and I would be more than happy to assist”, explained Cllr Forbes.

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