Mayor’s Day of Unity

Hundreds of Walvis Bay residents last Sunday flocked to the municipal lawn to celebrate the Mayor’s Day of Unity that officially mark the beginning of the festive season.

Newly elected mayor of Walvis Bay Trevino Forbes entrusted the actual switching on of the Christmas lights to junior mayor Kristine Shetunyenga.
The mayor called on residents to use this occasion to start adopting and enjoying the thrill of giving time, thoughts and ideas, and a helping hand to those less fortunate.
Forbes said “Let us not forget to continue to practice basic hygiene and continue wearing our masks as the CO-VID-19 pandemic is still active. We all need to be cautious and adhere to the rules of the road at all times.
“We wish you the residence and visitors a fantastic festive holiday and encourage everybody to enjoy all aspects of the beautiful port city responsibly.” Forbes said.
we have lost so many lives, so many innocent souls and I would just like us to please stand and have a moment of silence for the people we have lost during this difficult year.
junior mayor Shetunyenga said the Mayor’s day of unity is an initiative aimed at bringing the community of Walvis Bay together to celebrate the beginning of the festive season.
“Therefore, it is an hon-our for us to keep this tradition alive and moving during these tough times” Shetunyenga said
Shetunyenga said “After all the trials and tribulations that this year has thrown at us, I feel like this year’s event will be a memorable one as it forced us to grow as a community and from here, I stand we are stronger and more united than ever.”
“To my fellow youth I would like to say: this year might have been the worst we have encountered but it has definitely taught us strength and courage, resilience, and let us not forget the unity, during the covid-19 pandemic and against Gender Base Violence” Shetunyenga said.
“As leaders of tomor-row and we must fight to ban all roots of evil out of the land of the brave” Shetunyenga added.
Shetunyenga urge every Namibian to enjoy the festive season ahead of us responsibly by not drinking and driving and by continuing to practice basic hygiene and continue wearing our masks because although co-vid-19 cases have reduced, this invincible enemy is still among us.
“We as the junior councillor’s, would like to which everyone a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2021” Shetunyenga said.
Shetunyenga and her fellow junior councillors handed out hundreds of gift packs to children while the elderly was entertained with Chris

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