Meatco to cut out middlemen in its beef export channels

Namibia’s state-owned meat corporation, Meatco, is streamlining its beef export channels, and will as far as practical possible cut out middlemen and utilise the services of the Namibian Ports Authorit, Namport, instead.

Meatco’s beef exports are taking place through the port of Walvis Bay. Namibian beef is exported to China, the United States, European Union, Norway, the United Kingdom and very soon the first major exports will go to Ghana and the Congo Brazzaville.
Meatco’s Manager: Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Communications, Rosa Tobias, confirmed this yesterday. Namib Times posed questions to Tobias regarding a memorandum of under-standing signed between Namport and Meatco on 18 June.
Tobias pointed out the relations between Meatco and Namport is firm, but that the revised strategy, to streamline export channels, necessitated the signing of a new memorandum of understanding.
A total of 8 959 tons of beef was exported through the port of Walvis Bay in 2019/ 20. The largest portion of the exports were to China (37,6 %), followed by Norway (34,8 %), European Union (17,6 %) and the United Kingdom (6,9 %)
The first beef exported to the United States was during the first quarter of 2020, and expectations for growth in this market is immense, as North Americans rely heavily on beef for protein intake.
The two African markets are also a major step ahead for Namibian beef exports.
To put Namibia’s beef production market in perspective: the country produced close to 50 000 tons of beef in 2019/20.
Elias Mwenyo, Namport’s Acting Executive: Commercial Services, this week in a statement said Namport is geared to facilitate beef exports, both existing and future volumes. Direct shipping lines between the port of Walvis Bay ensures shorter delivery times.
Namport’s CEO, Andrew Kanime echoed this and said the Namport is committed to provide a seamless, efficient and cost-effective export operation.
Beef exports also diversifies the range of exports that takes place through the port of Walvis Bay and enhances the port’s competitiveness.

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