Medals galore for Walvis Bay Kickboxing Club At Destiny 2016

Walvis Bay Kickboxing Club, which is affiliated with Namibia Kickboxing Organisation and the Namibia Mixed Martial Arts Federation, attended Destiny’s 11th competition in Stellenbosch on 1 and 2 October this year.

Destiny, the annual NMA/ISKA National championship is attended by teams from all over the world. With an average of about 1100 competitors and several thousand spectators over two days of competition. Destiny is open to juniors and seniors of all ages and belt groups. Belt groups compete together under weight and age groups. Lower grades do NOT compete against higher grades. There are 4 divisions in general: Novice (white & yellow belt) Beginner (orange & green belt) Intermediate (blue & purple belt) Advanced (brown & black belt) There are divisions for Points & Continuous fighting, Free style forms, Weapons forms, Traditional Kata & Kumite, Self Defense, Breaking for juniors & seniors, High kick challenge, Extreme kicking, Submission GI & NO-GI Grappling, Tag team matches, Sport MMA and Sport Full Contact & ISKA Full Contact Kickboxing (for adults only).
The team consisted of 24 fighters representing ISKA Namibia: Sensei Dorothy Bachmann, Sempei Danie Bachmann, Alec Knowles, Antonio Jordaan, Caleigh Jordaan, Dawid Bissett, Eva Pretorius, Ivonne Nitz, Jacobus Potgieter, Jennifer Krauer, Joshua Profitt, Martin Bissett, Natascha Sell, Rainier Pretorius, Ray Gryftenberg, Ryno Gouws, Sanett du Prat, Stacey Ndunda, Wolfgang Nitz, Andrew Garbers, Brendan Beukes, Byron Gonteb, Karl Dedekind & Macquillan Brussels.

The overall medals results as follow:
Gold 16
Silver 4
Bronze 9
4th Place 7
5th Place 6
6th Place 4
7th Place 4
8th Place 2

All our students qualified to attend the ISKA World Championships of 2017 in Orlando Florida.
The Walvis Bay Kickboxing club has been attending Destiny since 2012 with great success.
We would not have been able to send the amount of students to compete in this world class competition, and making their dreams a reality without the support of the following sponsors: Namibia Breweries Limited, M&Z Motors, Megatron and Walters Electrical Services for their donations towards the tour.
We would like to thank them for their generosity.

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