Meersig residents irked by their “filthy” neighbourhood

Eileen van der Schyff

Discarded office equipment, building rubble, household trash and scraps of discarded food scavenged by vagrants are turning many parts of Walvis Bay’s once posh Meersig suburb into an unsightly place. That is according to residents who says action is needed in order to save this suburb’s image.

Despite by-laws and pleas from the local authority, illegal dumping, also known as “midnight” dumping is getting out of hand.
It is especially in the areas of the tree lines on the outskirts of Meersig and poorly lit areas which are chosen by the transgressors to dumb their trash.
Namib Times inspected the area this week and can confirm that the situation is getting out of hand. Residents are urged not to dumb their trash and building rubble in the neighbourhood. Those with building rubble and garden cuttings on the pavements in front of their homes are also urged to clean up.
The newspaper also spotted several sites where freight containers, building sand, bricks and other construction necessities are creating traffic obstructions. These residents are urged to clean up their act, failing of which a visit by the traffic department might become a reality.

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