Menstruation has a negative impact on school

Sharlien Tjambari

Last week Thursday, 1 November, the Swakopmund Lions Club in collaboration with the management of Platz am Meer-Safari Investment Namibia launched their project “Help for girls in need”. A project which aims at providing underprivileged young girls with sanitary products.

According to Renate Witt of the Lions Club of Swakopmund, Platz am Meer pledge an amount of N$15 000 to be spend solely on sanitary products towards the projects, the Lions Club and two members of the club each donates N$15 000 towards this project as well.
“With these contributions, the project will go a long way” said Witt.
All eleven schools, primary and secondary are beneficiaries of this project. Witt said the sanitary pro-ducts will be stored at a storeroom at Platz am Meer and every second week, the schools’ Life Skills teachers will be allowed to collect a certain number of products which they need from the shop-ping mall to be distributed to underprivileged girls.
Witt further said: “this is a Lions Club initiative together with Platz am Meer, we are very thankful for being part of this ini-tiative”.
Platz am Meer management Hesti Langeveldt and Annelien Langestrassen were at the launch of the project and said in some households’ tough decision have to be made between choosing food and supplying sanitary products. “Girls in disadvantaged communities have to resort to paper, rags, newspaper, old towels and anything they can get their hands on, simply because they cannot afford these necessary items.
This again results in many girls not attending school for 3-5 days per month which has a very negative impact on their school career”.
Often these girls suffer from stress and depression brought on by the fear of staining their clothes not to mention the social embarrassment which accompanies such happening. The Platz am Meer team further added that sanitary products are one of the most basic human needs and should be a privilege.

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