Minister inaugurates new Marine Resources Advisory Council

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhard Esau, recently officially inaugurated the 14 new members of the Marine Resources Advisory Council (MRAC) board members in Swakopmund. The Council is an important entity that regularly advises the Minister on various issues.

Speaking during the official gathering recently in Swakopmund, Esau gave a short overview of the Council’s responsibilities. He also summed up some achievements of the previous Council. “A properly performing Marine resources Advisory Council is critical to the successful development of the Fisheries Sector in Namibia,” he said.
The new members are Dr Moses Maurihungirire (Chairperson and PS of the MFMR), Ms Anna Ndinelao Erastus (Vice-Chairperson and Director: Policy, Planning and Economics in the MFMR), Dr B.W. Oelofsen, Baronice Raschida Hans, Dr Hilkka Ndjaula, Dr Michael Akuupa, Mr Jacob Penda, Mr Miguel Tordesillas, Mr Sacky Amoomo, Mr Matti Amukwa, Mr Pieter Greeff, Ms Ndelitungapo Shiluwa and Ms Olivia Shuuluka (Secretary).
“The Marine Resources Advisory Council is one of the most important entities established under the Marine Resources Act. It is specifically established to advise the Minister with regard to implementation of the Act,” Esau said. Amongst the responsibilities the Council has to advise the Minister on the setting of Total Allowable Catches (TAC), the setting of levies and fees, the expenditure of Fisheries Observer Fund and the expenditure of the Marine Resources Fund. “In making the appointments, I have put together persons of different skills and experiences which I believe are essential in the decision making process on the variety of issues that will be presented to the Council,” Esau said.
The Minister congratulated the outgoing Council for their dedicated and professional approach during their tenure. “Particularly, in addition to your hard work in stabilising the TAC setting system and routine advice to me, I wish to underscore your exemplary performance,” Esau continued. In this regard he mentioned the response of Namibia on the issue of seals, particularly with regard to the on-going court case in Geneva against the EU ban on Namibian seal products; and the registration of several previously foreign flagged vessels which are now Namibian flagged.
Esau thanked a few past members who have since left the Council on account of expiry of the 3-year term: He thanked the immediate past chairperson of the Council, Ulitala Hivelua, who passed on about two weeks ago; Mr Festus Mungunda, the CEO of Standard Bank Namibia; Ms Sharon Neumbo, the Chairperson of the Midwater Trawlers Association; and Mr Paulus Kainge of MFMR.

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