Ministry of Finance and State Hospital – Toilets Out of Order

Eileen van der Schyff

Several members of the public contacted the Namib Times this week concerning broken toilets at the Receiver of Revenue and the Walvis Bay State hospital.

The toilets are not dirty, but they are out of order said one man who explained to the Namib Times what he experienced when he was in the building and needed to visit the toilet. “None of the five toilets at the Receiver of Revenue offices are in working condition. Two are taped closed and the other three cubicle doors were locked. The urinals are all covered in plastic.” The man then spoke to an employee of the Receiver of Revenue who told him that they did contact the Ministry of Works and was told that the Ministry of Works do not have the tools or the money to fix the toilets. The problem is not only at this building. Another reader contacted the Namib Times with photos of the toilets at the Walvis Bay State Hospital. Most toilets at the hospital are also out of order and covered with plastic bags.

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