Mixed Martial Arts comes to Walvis Bay

The club has grown tremendously in the last year and it only seemed fit to expand our club with new styles, said Senseis Dorothy and Stephen Chambers. Not only teaching Kickboxing, but now also the following forms of Self-defence, NMA and Weapons Combat. It’s with great excitement that the Walvis Bay Kickboxing Club announces the arrival of Sensei André Roodman.
Sensei André has been involved in the Mixed Martial Arts from the young age of 10. He started with Traditional Japanese Karate and had to work harder than the next person to stand out in his form.
At age 14, after many wins and losses he was selected for the Western Province Professional Karate Team. In 1984 Sensei André left Traditional Karate as a committed first Dan Black Belt Instructor. He then went on to learn more about other international fighting methods such as Mixed Martial Arts, Thai Boxing, Grappling and UFC. Within 1 year of starting in his 3 year Thai Boxing form he became a well known name in the fighting sport. He got noticed in this time by an UFC instructor that saw his great potential in UFC fighting. This however was a whole new experience for him, as the fighting style was totally different and much more intense. Sensei André did UFC fighting for 2 years and moved on to be trained as a qualified VIP Protection Instructor. With his qualifications it allowed him to train anyone in Weapons and Self-defence. At the end of 1988 Sensei André was selected into a special elite military group where close hand to hand combat was of utmost importance. With his background in different fighting styles, he was trained by the military as an instructor in advance fighting techniques. After leaving the military in 2007 Sensei André committed himself in teaching self-defence classes to all ages. (We also urge everyone to read Sensei André’s full history on our Facebook page)
Sensei Dorothy and Stephen Chambers both would like to use this opportunity to welcome Sensei André to the club. They feel that Self-defence is such an important tool to have in any person’s life. With Sensei André’s qualifications and background in different fighting styles, they also believe that all people interested in any form of mixed martial arts will be accommodated at the Walvis Bay Kickboxing Club. The club feels very excited and privileged to start these new and different adventures together with Sensei Dorothy, Sensei André and Stephen Chambers.

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