MMMC trade union sits with egg on the face after case of mistaken identity

The trade union for Mining, Metal, Maritime and Construction (MMMC) is called upon to issue a public apology to one of the candidates of the Joint Walvis Bay Residents Association (JWRA), and also the Association itself, after falsely accusing and involving both in alleged unfair labour practises at BC Stone Products Namibia (Pty) Ltd.

In a case of mistaken identity, Mr. Chris Theron, a candidate for JWRA in the upcoming local authority elections, was wrongly accused yesterday by MMMC of unfair labour practises at BC Stone. The truth is the Chris Theron the union was referring to is not the Mr Chris Theron running as candidate for the JWRA.
“I have no connections with BC Stone whatsoever. This is a situation of mistaken identity. The union needs to rectify its mistake and clear my name and also the name of the Joint Walvis Bay Residents Association”, Mr Theron said upon inquiry.
The Namib Times also contacted BC Stone which confirmed indeed the union had a case of mistaken identity. The allegations the union made is now causing both Mr. Theron and the Joint Walvis Bay Residents Association an unfounded embarrassment.
The Joint Walvis Bay Residents Association is a non-political organisation that strives to return responsible and accountable governance to the Walvis Bay municipality. It also strives for an inclusive approach where the development and the upliftment of every Walvis Bay resident gets equal priority. The JWRA is also striving for a clean town, safe from crime, proper public infrastructure and proper service delivery to every citizen.

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