Moans and groans over parking

Swakopmund residents vented some frustrations this week over the lack of parking in the central business district as visitors steadily start to fill the coastal towns for the festive holiday. Adding the frustrations are skin deep, as residents of the coastal in general welcome visitors as this is a major foundation of the coastal towns’ local economies.

Swakopmund is one of the coastal towns which receives well over 3000 visitors during the festive seasons, with this year no exception.

Holiday makers and residents alike are advised to plan before hand. Do your christmas shopping as soon as possible, as last minute shopping sprees usually leave the business districts of the coastal towns packed with the usual frustrations about parking space, shops run out of merchandise, bank queues and even automated teller machines running out of money.

The same goes for buying rations for the holiday days and new year, when thousands of people take it to the streets to replenish supplies after Christmas or do last minute buying for New Years Eve celebrations and New Year’s Day.

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