Möller murder suspects say police manhandled them

One of the five suspects accused of murdering well known tourism businessman, Mr. Hans Jörg Möller in his home in Walvis Bay last year has been injured. David Tashiya [accused 2] says the circumstances under which they were transported between Windhoek and Walvis Bay for their court appearances was harsh, as they remained handcuffed throughout and as a result he fell in the moving vehicle and banged his head.

A second accused also complained and said they were manhandled by members of the Special Field Force.
The incident of the injury was reported to the Walvis Bay magistrates court on Wednesday by Tashiya’s legal representative when he [Tashiya] and four co-accused Panduleni Gotlieb, David Shekundja, Elly Ndapuka Hinaivali and Malakia Shiweda made a next appearance in court on murder charges. The injured accused has in the meantime been examined by a medical practitioner.
The five accused, whom are all regarded as dangerous and hardened criminals with previous convictions, are kept under lock and key at the Windhoek Central Prison, and not in the ordinary police cells reserved for trial awaiting prisoners.
On 17 June 2016 at around 00:30, Mr. Hans Jörg Möller, his wife Carol Anne Möller and the couple’s two young daughters were attacked by a group of armed men in their home in Walvis Bay’s Paul Vincent Street. The attackers were looking for cash and other valuables, as the Möllers at the time owned Sunsail Catamarans and it was believed by the gang they were keeping large sums of cash in the house.
Mrs. Möller was severely assaulted by the armed men. Mr. Möller was asleep in the couple’s bedroom when the attack ensued. Mrs. Möller was their first victim.
Mr. Möller upon hearing his wife’s screams raced to their home’s entrance area where the attack was already in progress. Mr. Möller was gunned down.
The attackers fleed the scene, but was arrested at several locations across Namibia within days as the Namibian Police relentlessly tracked them down, some believed still with loot and the murder weapon in their possession.
Mr. Möller died of the gunshot injury on 18 June, 36 hours after the incident.
The murder accused made several court appearances since, but the case had to be postponed several times as the police investigation remains ongoing with elements such as forensic results still in the process of being finalised.
The court heard on Wednesday a formal bail application by the accused is contemplated. Magistrate John Sindano postponed the matter this time to 28 February.
Although the court record shows the accused’s place of detention as Walvis Bay, it was confirmed they will be returned to maximum security incarceration in Windhoek, as they are high risk individuals.
Mrs. Möller in the meantime announced offering a reward of N$150 000 to any information that can lead to the arrest of more people in her husband’s murder. Mrs. Möller despite the incredible violence and horror of the attack managed to take a good look at the perpetrators. As a result, she could positively identify five of them in the aftermath.
She maintains there were eight attackers and that someone with insider information on the Möller household and business activities assisted them. The reward amounts to N$50 000 per suspect still on the run.

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