Mondesa Beauties Netball and Blue Waters FC wins Ambassadors Charity Tournamenty

The Ambassadors Charity Netball and Soccer Tournament kick-off earlier this month at the Mondesa Sports Stadium in Swakopmund with four netball and four soccer teams competing for a trophy and a winning prize which was for charity. The tournament was organised by Pastor Kenny Udeh and the Ambassadors of Christ Embassy Swakopmund Branch.

The four netball teams that participated in the tournament were Mondesa Beauties, Swakopmund Old Crocks, Swakopmund A netball team and West Coast Sharks Netball team. The soccer teams that took part were Blue Waters, Swakopmund Football Club (SFC), Eleven Arrows and Blue Boys Football Club.
According to the Public Relations Officer of Erongo Netball Association Ms. Michelle Brooks the netball players had so much fun during the tournament.
The first netball match was between Mondesa Beauties and Swakopmund Old Crocks. Mondesa Beauties won the match against Swakopmund Old Crocks and went through to the finals to play against West Coast Sharks netball team which also went through to the finals. West Coast Sharks netball team played its first match against Swakopmund A team. The final game between Mondesa Beauties and West Coast Sharks netball team was tough and challenging for both teams, but in the end Mondesa Beauties won the Ambassadors netball charity tournament and received their winning trophy.
The Chairperson of the National Council, Mrs Margaret Mensah-Williams who was the guest of honour at the charity tournament did the first kick-off of the soccer match which was between Blue Waters and Eleven Arrows in which Blue Waters Football Club won the match, allowing them a green ticket to the final match of the tournament. Following the first match of the day was the game between Swakopmund Football Club (SFC) with Blue Boys Football Club.
Blue Boys Football Club lost its first and only match for the tournament to SFC, allowing SFC to go through to the finals to battle it out with Blue Waters. The Final soccer match of the tournament was very challenging. Defenders from Blue Waters made sure they kept the balls away from their keeper and the keeper kept the balls from going in. In the end Blue Waters won the game with 2 points to zero, making them the winning champions of the Ambassadors Soccer Charity tournament.

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