Monique Prince says she is not the owner of MCK Debt Collectors

Monique Prins responded to a recent article in namib times where she was accused by her former employer at OSK Debt Collectors of resigning and using unethical means to open a rival debt collecting company. Prins refuted these allegations and said this week she is merely employed by this “new rival” company MCK Debt Collectors.

In the response Prins states: “Clarification on an article that appeared in the namib times on 21 April 2017 entitled “Debt collector warns public about former employee stealing clients”.
I am an employee of MCK Debt Collectors & Training CC, as such duly registered and I do not know of the alleged MKS referred to by Titus Kaapangelwa in his article.
In the past, I was employed twice by OSK Debt Collectors CC. I resigned from their branch in Swakopmund at the end of September 2015 after various complaints were received from clients of OSK and joined a Labour Consultant firm. I was then approached again by Ottile Sindano from OSK who promised me a basic salary and commission. My reasons for leaving OSK are simply that they were disorganised and there was no proper control in the office. There were constant queries from their clients who did not receive feedback, progress reports or payouts from OSK. No proper record was kept of their clients. I did not steal clients or any files from OSK. When some clients of OSK heard that I had resigned they requested me to take over their instructions. I have five ex OSK clients – and they are happy with my services. Titus from OSK had no clue of what was going on at the OSK branch in Swakopmund yet; he has the audacity to write the report. He is just an employee of OSK.
The police investigation was poor. The police found no files of OSK and took along some scrap papers found in my residence. They even took my personal papers and I have as to date not received a proper inventory from the police of what was taken. The reason why the Prosecutor withdrew the charge against me was because of lack of proper evidence and no feedback and/or documentation from the complainant.
Lastly, I refer to the SMS sent by Mr F Verno Muller as it appeared in the namib times on 25 April 2017. This person complained that he did not receive “feedback or statements from OSK but they collected money from the people that was handed over to them”. Mr Muller is known to me. I know that he signed up with OSK. There is a register book at OSK where clients are signed up. Mr. Muller informed me that he was chased away from the offices of OSK when he made queries and that he was going to consult his lawyer in this regard. There are many more clients who have the same complaint.
I have also consulted my lawyer and my rights are herewith reserved with regard to the libellous article in the namib times – Monique Prince, P O Box 5187, Swakopmund”.

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