More learners at Flamingo Primary

Rudi Bowe

With the influx of people to the urban areas learner enrollment increases annually a need for adequate educational infrastructure is needed to create a conductive learning and teaching environment.

Flamingo Primary School (FPS) felt the influx in 2016 as there was a shortage of classrooms at the school and forced the school to start with Platoon school system where grade 1 and grade 2 learners will share the 7 grade one classroom at the school.

This new system at the school has forced all the grade two learners to go to school from 12:00 to 17:00 during the day.
Parents of the Flamingo community were not happy with this as they were put in to dilemma as they did not know what to do with their kids from the time they go to work.
Two years ago a group of parents decided that they will not sit and wait for the Government to build the classrooms at the school and in conjunction with the school management and board they started with fundraising to build the seven classrooms at the school.
With the little money that was raised and small contribution from some of the parents and a contribution of Fifty Thousand Namibian Dollars each from the Erongo Harambee Trust and the MERLUS Seafood Processors in Walvis Bay respectively the school management started with the building of the classrooms.
The Principal of Flamingo Primary School Ms Damens said “The classrooms will assist us greatly in accommodating our learners’.
We as the Flamingo Primary community would like to thank the Erongo Harambee Trust, MERLUS Seafood Processors in Walvis Bay. KSC, the parents and the community that contributed to the construction of the classrooms at the school” the Principal added.
Ms Damens mentioned that they would love to move in to the classrooms still this year and therefore plea to the parents of Flamingo Primary School, the business fraternity and other organisations in Walvis Bay and the whole country to help with the completion of the classrooms. “To complete the classrooms we still need material for the roof, windows, flooring and paint as well as funds to pay the building contractor” Damens added.
The Kuisebmond Social Club (KSC) has heard the plea of the school and In line with their objectives resolved to assist the Flamingo Primary School that is in the process of constructing additional class-rooms for the increasing number of their students by donating (40) 50kg bags of cement.
The Chairman of the Kuisebmund Social Club Dankie Hipundjua said at the handover of the cement that “It is an honor for us the Kuisebmund Social Club to be part of a school of this magnitude therefore as part of our Social Responsibility we have chosen to donate (40) 50kg bags of cement to help in your ongoing project of constructing additional classrooms and it is our wish to see the completion of this noble project”.
Hipundjua further mentioned that “Children and the youth are the future of this nation and Education is the key in today’s world and thus we have a social responsibility towards our communities and schools.
Hipundjua and the KSC encourage the business fraternity and other organisations to follow suit. As the Government cannot do it alone but if we can join hands in helping our schools, communities and the country at large.

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