More than N$1 million in fines issued for Erongo during festive season

The Namibian Police registered a total of 1 035 criminal offences in the Erongo Region in the period 1 December 2016 to date, for which fines were issued to the approximate value of N$1 065 829-00, according to the Regional Commander of the Namibian Police in the region, Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu.

This is a decrease from the 1 485 registered cases in the same period in 2015/16 when fines to the value of N$1 893 612-00 were issued.
Nelumbu expressed satisfaction with the performance of law enforcers in towns and on the roads in the Region over the festive period, but said despite it, it remains regrettable that there were three road deaths, nine serious injuries, 27 less severe injuries and damages to property that were also registered in Erongo during the same period.
“Any death, injury and the loss of property and damage is always regrettable and we as law enforcers will always strive to bring this to zero”, Commissioner Nelumbu said during a press conference at the regional headquarters in Walvis Bay yesterday.
The police identified ten priority crimes that continues to haunt the regions inhabitants. These are: rape, assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm, drug offences, robbery, culpable homicide, stock theft, fraud, housebreaking, gender based violence and theft out of motor vehicles.
Nine rape incidents were reported in the Region for the period December 2016 to date, 61 assault grievous bodily harm cases and seventeen drug offences. All these offences were more in number than the previous year and Nelumbu expressed concern over this patter and expressed resolve the police will continue to tighten the grip on criminal activity.
Road accidents in the Region were down from 231 in 2015/16 to 221 this season and according to Commissioner Nelumbu this has to do with a combination of law enforcement, road users that behaved well and road safety education initiatives that start to bear fruit.

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