Mothers lose patience with arrogant staff at Walvis Bay magistrates court

A group of around thirty women lost their patience with staff of the Walvis Bay magistrates court on Wednesday, saying it is unacceptable that a computer system-outage at the court delays their maintenance payouts for nearly three weeks now.
“This is unacceptable. We have to pay rent and we have to buy food and other necessities for our children. What landlord would accept you cannot pay your rent by the 7th of each month”, one of the agitated women told namib times.
A second women, with several nodding in agreement, say the problem is agitated by the arrogance of some of the court’s employee. “They act thus if they do us a favour and they are arrogant, unhelpful and rude”.
“We are taking a stand now. Something need to be done to change the staff’s attitude and for the Government to fix the system problems”, they said.
The mothers expressed their unhappiness saying officials have no interest in assisting them, or answering their questions. The court only assists with maintenance payments on Wednesdays and Thursday until 13:00. Staff then only start with the payouts from 10:00 or 11:00.
Those who have not been helped by 13:00 need to come back at another day.
A reporter of the newspaper overheard and saw one of the court officials jumping up and attempting to help the women by applying a manuel system.
It was met with even bigger frustration by the women. One who said her experience with the overwhelming majority of Government officials are they are arrogant, unhelpful and very little interested in their work.

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