Mount Sinai celebrates fourth birthday

Eileen van der Schyff

Mount Sinai, a faith-based substance abuse rehabilitation centre at Usakos, celebrated its fourth anniversary on 18 February this year. For the owner and Head: Lay Counsellor, Mr Arno Engels, this is an important date on his life journey. Five years ago, on 18 February, Engels experienced his first day “clean” after battling substance addiction for several years.

Engels this year for the first time did not “remember” 18 February as his first clean day. He is upbeat about this, explaining it is an important sign of personal growth and that he is moving on.  Engels explains the anniversary of Mount Sinai every year is a day of deep gratitude towards both individuals and organisations who support the rehabilitation centre. Support much needed to ensure it can continue to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from addiction. “We at Mount Sinai also thank the loved ones of those receiving counselling at the center. Thank you for having faith in us to help your loved ones”, said Engels.  He also took the opportunity on behalf of himself and his life partner Ronya to thank his parents, sister, other family members and friends for supporting them.
Much like any other person that suffers from addiction, Engels too had a spiritual guide in his journey to stay free of addiction. That is Pastor David Barber. “Thank you Pastor Dave Barber for what you do for people. Walking with Winners changed my life”, said Engels.  Adding: “Most importantly, thank you God for everything I have, for what You have given me, and for the man I have become. If addiction is a disease, it’s the only one we pay for. It’s a choice, and God has given us the ability to choose the right and the good into our lives.” Arno concluded.
Mount Sinai Substance Abuse Recovery Center’s main objective is to help people overcome their addictions. It assists the addicted person to build character and nurture spiritual wellbeing.

At Mount Sinai they believe addiction is not genetic, but rather a co-dependency problem. The Centre’s programs are designed for those who wish to recover, to achieve fulfillment and to reintegrate into society again.
The Centre is in the process to expand its service profile to also include programs where people freed from addiction undergo further guidance to restore to a structured life where both emotional and disciplinary issues are addressed.

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