Mr. David Kalenga bids municipality farewell after career of thirty years

Mr. David Kalenga bid the Municipality of Walvis Bay farewell on 30 April this year, after a career at the local authority spanning 30 years. Mr. Kalenga served in the Department of Sewerage Waste and Environmental Management.

Kalenga completed his school career in Oshakati in 1984 and initially struggled to get a decent job.
In 1990 he relocated to Walvis Bay and started working at the Municipality on 22 March 1991, at the Health Department. In 2001 he was transferred to Water, Waste and Environmental Management.
Kalenga is a happily married man and a father of three children. His believes firmly therein that a man’s personal life must be planned and revolve around a family and a career. Both are equally important and the one cannot function properly without the other. “I am now looking forward to concentrate fulltime on my personal life, take care of things that are long overdue, explore my creative side and enrich my inner-self”, Mr. Kalenga told Namib Times.
Adding, people should not be driven by fear, but by pleasure. I am most grateful to the Lord for His guidance, blessing and opportunities He has given me.
“May the Council continue to serve the Walvis Bay community to the best of its ability”, Mr. Kalenga concluded his message.
Walvis Bay’s Mayor Cllr. Trevino Forbes thanked Kalenga for his loyal and dedicated service to council and residents of the harbour town. He subsequently handed Kalenga his certificate of retirement.
“You will definitely be missed by your colleagues, both those who worked directly and indirectly with you. All the best and take care of yourself”, said Cllr. Forbes.
Mr Henok Shikongo, Engineer: Water, Waste and Environmental Management on behalf of the Walvis Bay community thanked Kalenga for his loyal and dedicated service to the department, Council and residents.
“We appreciate all the years that you spend with us and wish you all the best”, said Mr. Shikongo.

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