MR34 road construction progress

A brief visit to the road construction project on the Mr34 east of the dune belt revealed this week the advanced stage this road construction project has reached. On some stretches of the road the final asphalt surfacing is already taking place and some stretches of the completed road are used as detours to divert traffic away from areas where earth-moving and the installation of water drainage systems are currently underway (Picture A).

The fly-over bridge on the C28 which would channel traffic to and from Langer Heinrich is almost completed (Picture B), whilst the fly-over bridge on the B2 is also in an advanced stage of construction (Picture D).
The intersection where the MR34 and the B2 (Picture C)would link is also in an advanced stage, although it a lot of blasting and earth-moving still has to take place as a gorge is cut through the rocky hill where the road would be constructed.
The pillar-bridge across the Swakop River is only in its beginning phase and the stretch of road from the direction of Walvis Bay to the banks of the River already has a its basis. Tarring would soon commence (Picture E).
The road construction project is expected to conclude by mid-2019. Road users can look forward to a dual carriage road that would dramatically reduce traffic flows, especially trucks on the B2 coastal road.

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