Mrs Anneliese Rust turns 100 today…

Mrs Anneliese Rust of Swakopmund is celebrating her 100th birthday today. Family from as far afield as South Africa will be celebrating this milestone with her today.

Mrs Rust was born on 1 April 1921 in Germany. She married Mr. Konrad Rust, a Namibian.
In the early 1950’s the couple returned to Namibia and settled in Leonardville and then Windhoek. Mr. Rust worked for the Depart-ment of Water Affairs and Mrs Rust took care of the household with the couple’s three children, a daughter and two sons.
They moved to Cape Town in the seventies. Mr. Rust passed away in 1997 and in 2003 she moved to Swakopmund to stay with her daughter Karin.
After a second hip fracture she moved to the Antonius Residenz in Swakopmund twelve years ago and is in frail care since.
Mrs. Rust has six grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.
On the pictures: Mrs Rust with staff of Antonius Residenz.

Grandma Anneliese Rust with her children Nongrat Rust, Johan Rust, Benita Pitsiladi, Nico Rust, Karin von Bergen, Kai von Bergen, Anneliese Rust and Sascha von Bergen. The staff members of Antonius Residenz that appears with Mrs Rust on the front page are Alyina Amunyela, Selma Mbundu, Suster Margaret Zemburuka, Anneliese Rust, Thekla Mbinda, Hentrede Haraes and Rosalia Ndeulita.

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