Mrs Bosman turned 90

Rudi Bowe 

A retired teacher of Walvis Bay, Mrs Annie Bosman, celebrated her 90th birthday on Saturday. Friends and family celebrated this milestone moment with her.

Mrs Bosman was an English teacher at Narraville Primary School (NPS) for the last 15 years of her decades-long career as teacher.
Bosman’s motto is you might be aged in terms because of years, but your mind and your spirit can stay young. She does sewing that not only keeps her hands moving but it is also excellent exercise to the mind.
The birthday party was set up by her children and her friends from the “Op-En-Wakker Club”. Some former students- and colleagues were also in attendance to celebrate Mrs Bosman’s birthday and to pay tribute to the role she played in their lives as young people. Bosman used to teach English and Sewing. She helped countless girls with their matric farewell dresses.
Mrs Bosman – we salute you for your contribution you made to the community of Walvis Bay and we wish you many more years of joy, health and best moments with your loved-ones.

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