Mullet fishing

Hard work and hope keep them going

The sight of men going out on their small boats, packed with fishing gear, often looks like the simple life we all desire. Away from a hectic every day life, close to nature with a fresh sea breeze ever present.

The realities of the lives of Walvis Bay’s mullet fishermen however, are far removed from the romanticism of a simply life. The life of a mullet or small fisher is one where only hard work pays off. A life where hope for a better fishing day tomorrow lures them back to the sea once more.
It is a tough operational world for small fishermen. Limited income often hampers much needed maintenance to their boats, fishing gear and vehicles that must tow the boats on land or deliver the fish to the market. The work of a mullet fisher is physical and challenging.
Mullet is a low value fish and profit margins are tight.
Men endure long days on the water, under the scorching sun. No time to appreciate the fresh sea breeze or appreciate the beauty of the marine environment. The fish must be caught and the fishermen must return to shore before the wind picks up and the sea gets rough.

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