Multiple arrests for stock theft, illegal hunting

The police in the Erongo Region arrested a number of suspects over the course of the past week for being in possession of suspected stolen stock or for hunting without a valid permit. This was revealed by Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, regional crime investigations coordinator for the Namibian Police in Erongo.
According to Iikuyu, four suspects were arrested on Friday (14 April) at about 23:00 on the Karibib Otjimbingwe road. The persons were found in possession of one cattle carcass valued at N$6 000 and could not prove ownership. They will appear in the Omaruru Magistrates Court today.
Three more suspects were arrested on 13 April in the Swakopmund suburb Mondesa for being in possession of game meat without a valid permit.
The meat, oryx meat, is valued at N$2 000 and was found at house no 2223, Cemetery Street.
The suspects are expected to make their first court appearance in Swakopmund today.
Five more suspects were arrested in the vicinity of Uis on Saturday at about 14:00, for allegedly unlawfully hunting a Springbuck without a permit.
According to Iikuyu the suspects killed the animal, valued at N$4 000, near Langdam (dam 3) in the area of Uis.
The five suspects were released on police bail of N$1 000 each and are expected to appear in the Omaruru magistrates court today.

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