Multiple ownership in fishing companies would be coming to an end

Multiple ownership in the Namibian fishing industry’s days are number, according to the minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Dr Albert Kawana.

In this regard, stated Dr. Kawana on Tuesday in a televised broadcast, a comprehensive study would be embarked upon to assess how many individuals and fishing companies are owning shares in more than one fishing entity.
Some individuals and also fishing companies own stakes in various companies and in doing so are getting an unfair share of the country’s natural resources. Dr Kawana referred to this as “an anomaly”.
At the same time, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources will also tighten control over fishing companies using other people’s names, or the names of community organisations and charities, to get quotas. These charities never benefit from these fishing rights and many times the names of individuals are there to protect the true identity of the shareholders in that company.
Dr Kawana also announced that a list would be made public in the near future that indicates the name of each individual that owns a fishing right or a share in a fishing right.

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