Municipality battles two large pipe leaks in two days

The Swakopmund Municipality fixed the large pipe leaks by Friday afternoon, after working ’round the clock for almost two days. The first leak occurred at about midnight on Wednesday in Hage Heights (namib times reported) followed by another major pipe failure at the NHE houses between Tamariskia and Mondesa on Friday morning.
According to a communique sent out by the Municipality the first leak occurred when a 200 millimetre fibre-cement line burst in Hage Heights. “The reasons are unknown, but it is well known that these lines are prone to failure – which is why these materials were phased out and replaced with uPVC, which has better characteristics,” the statement reads.
As the line is about two metres deep and electric cable obstructed the excavation, the crew had to work manually to fix the leak. After working around the clock on the first leak the crew was dispatched to the second leak, which occurred on the same line at 4:00 on Friday morning. The second line is one of the major supply lines from the reservoir past the Mondesa cemetery north of Tamariskia to Mile 4. “Yes, we are aware of the seriousness,” the statement continues.
According to the municipality the pipe in Hage Heights was fixed temporarily. The valve and a section of the line will have to be replaced. “As this area was not provided with a ring-main, and is interconnected with several other areas, the team had to close 40 other valves to isolate the break,” it reads.
he newspaper was contacted by various upset residents, complaining that the water supply was shut off and that the stand-by numbers were not answered. “Though the crew were doing their best, they were working in the open in a noisy environment with pumps and generators running, inside a trench and thus with their hands full. Given the situation, it is not surprising that the telephone is sometimes not reached in time,” the statement reads.
The pipe leak in Hage Heights occurred at the intersection of Ametis and Saphir Street. The water flooded some roads. Many residents in the area got stuck in the mud in the morning as they were trying to leave for work, while a room at a guesthouse was flooded.

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