Municipality: compel property owners to keep plots tidy

Three gated communities along Sam Nujoma Avenue and Hage Geingob Avenue expressed their concerns this week over an empty lot where reeds have now grown so high that they witness almost weekly criminals hiding there at night and also discarding or hi-ding stolen goods.

In this specific instance the reeds also damaged the pavement and makes parts of the pavement inaccessible for pedestrians.
“We as residents of body corporates in the area bordering this open lot are not happy with this situation. Please urge owners to clean up and in doing so enhance our safety and make the task of our neighborhood watch ea-sier”, residents stated, also providing pictures to confirm their concerns.
They added across Walvis Bay there are empty houses and empty plots which have become havens for criminals and vagrants and owners need to be compelled to clean and tidy up at once.
Pictures: not only is this open lot a hiding place, but many use the area to relieve themselves and others dump trash on it and even dump used motor oil.

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