Municipality seeks “middle ground” for Langstrand’s beach access dilemma

The municipality of Walvis Bay supports an option of constructing a number of parking areas connected by a designated road along the beach area at Langstrand. Residents are concerned about vehicles driving on the beach, citing safety concerns. On the other hand, people want access to popular spots on the beach, specifically at the new extension of Langstrand and said they cannot quite accept having to walk long distances and carrying leisure equipment like umbrellas, chairs etc.
During a public meeting held in Narraville on Wednesday evening, the municipality conveyed a proposal by Council to have four designated parking areas constructed along the beach of the new extension, with a demarcated road connecting each of these areas.
This proposal comes after concerns and opinions were brought to the council’s attention at previous meetings regarding the unrestricted access to the beach especially at the new extension of Langstrand.
Though this approach is expected to lessen the traffic on the beach itself, some residents are concerned that it may in fact increase the amount of traffic and people to the area, as it would be more accessible.
“We have a problem with people driving like maniacs, how will this stop them?” commented one of the residents.
Both the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism both support this proposal, it was said at the meeting. However, only as long as the public has access to the beach. People are strongly opposed to the beach access blocked, as it would amount to residents of Langstrand enforcing “exclusivity” to the public beaches.
The proposal also includes the construction of toilets along the beach as well as warning signs informing the public of rules to adhere to while making use of the beach area.
Council hopes to find “common ground” for Langstrand residents and the public alike and remains open to more suggestions.

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