Must read: “A Place in the Sun”

Rudi Bowe 

A book depicting the history of Rossmund Golf Course and the rich life experiences of Graham Louw, which is fundamentalised in the history of how Rossing mine came into being.

Louw, former owner of the Rossmund Golf Course, being a golfer himself, recently released his second book, “A Place in the Sun”, the history of Rossmund Golf Course.  Born in Swakopmund on 30 January 1927,where he also lived for most of his life, Louw is one of the very few remaining who was born in Swakopmund from that era.
During his early years Louw served on the board of the Swakopmund Town Council.  As Councillor for 22 years, his duties included that of a Mayor and Alderman. Together with Rössing Uranium, Louw’s dream of the Rossmund’s Golf Course realised over the past 25 years, which led him to write and publish his book, A Place in the Sun, the story of Rossmund Golf Course.

The book tells the story of how Louw and his friends, as youngsters, played golf with a vintage ball, bare foot in the sandy surroundings of Swakopmund. From Louw’s childhood, many years passed and it was not until the mid-1960’s that Louw’s dream of a Golf Course materialised when Rössing Uranium changed the face of the sandy surroundings of the dry Swakopmund riverbed into green carpets of grass.  The 42-page book tells of the story of the historic opening ceremony of Rossmund golf course. It also highlights famous visitors to the golf course in the early 1990’s.The details on how Graham Louw became the owner of the Rossmund Golf Course and his reason for selling it five years ago, you will find when you read the book. Louw’s entire life has been centered around the happenings of Uranium close to Swakopmund. Together with the Louw partnership, their colleagues and Rio Tinto Louw’s contribution has been huge.
In his first book, “A Tiger by the Tail”, released in February of 2018, two years before the second book, dedicated to the memory of his mother, Margery Louw (nee Burns), Louw tells the story of the discovery of Rössing Uranium. This 66-page book is about the resourceful identification of radio-active pitchblende on the fringe of the Namib Desert in 1929, that ultimately gave birth to the Rössing Uranium Mine today.

The book follows the course of events set by Rössing Uranium where further significant development is now clearly evident in the Central Western Erongo Region and investment and growth have become the forerunners of a budding West Coast.  Graham Louw is fluent in three languages. Louw’s two sons and two daughters and their children in particular are indeed fortunate to have this book with its fascinating account of endeavour, hope and success, now for all to read and treasure. Louw is an honorary member at Rossmund Golf Course and remains an inspiration to many.
Both books are a good read and also a collector’s item and it makes for a unique gift. The book is available at book shops in Swakopmund.

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