Mwenyo heads Namport’s Commercial Services

The Office of the Chief Executive Officer is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Elias Mwenyo as the new Executive for Commercial Services, effective the 1st of September 2021.

Elias joined Namport on 07 December 2004 and began his career within the logistics and shipping industry as a Key Accounts Executive. He was subsequently promoted to Manager Sales and Services in 2008 and then Manager Business Development in 2011.
He holds a Master of Science in Maritime Affairs, majoring in Shipping Management and Logistics degree from the World Maritime University in Sweden and a Bachelors of Technology in Marketing Management from the Namibian University of Science and Technology.
Elias has completed a Senior Management Development Program as well as the Management Development Program with the Stellenbosch Business School, among other Port, Shipping and Sales professional development courses.

He has gained substantive leadership experience in the industry and we are confident that he will play a significant role in driving the growth of our business and overall custodianship of the Commercial Services function. Let us all congratulate and wish Elias success in his new role.

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