MX training workshop

Rudi Bowe

The Dean Hoffman Motocross School hosted a success full three-day training workshop at the Swakopmund Motocross track.

Ten riders with the youngest being 8-years-old, and the oldest 32-years-of age participated in the training event and had the opportunity to learn from one of the best coaches Hoffman, from South Africa during the past ten years has traveled internationally to many British and World Championship races, where he has worked closely with many top riders and develop riding and coaching skills.
Hoffman said that MX is a very intense sport therefore skills development for riders is a must as it will lead to better skills and less injuries.
All the riders that participated in the training were taught different techniques to up-grade their skills in body position, braking techniques, cornering, starts, jumping skills, and riding ruts.
“I was very impressed with all riders, especially Liam Gilchrist who is currently the fastest 125 cc rider in Namibia” Hoffman said.

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