MYO gets new bus

Sharlien Tjambari

The owners of Deutsches Haus who are also members of the Rotary Club Duderstadt-Eichsfeld in Germany and the Rotary Club Swakopmund donated a brand-new bus to the Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO) on Tuesday this week.

The President of the Swakopmund Rotary Club Phillip Oosthuysen said for 2 years they have been trying to buy the bus but due to a few challenges they were delayed. “We finally managed to buy the bus and it is all thanks to Deutsches Haus”, said Oosthuysen. The bus can seat 15 passengers.
Mondesa Youth Opportunities Trust (MYO) is a non-profit, after-school enrichment programme in Swakopmund. MYO runs formal classes for grades 4-8 and provides continued support for its alumni from grade 9 onwards.

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