Naku 2019 National Trials held

The Namibia Karate Union (NAKU) hosted its national trials to select a team that will represent Namibia at major tournaments this year.

The event was held at the Dome, Swakopmund. It was conducted on a closed basis with the main focus on selecting athletes to represent Namibia at numerous international events throughout 2019. The trials not only high-lighted Namibia’s greatest karate talents, but also served as a basis for the selection of a larger squad, with the purpose of developing the sport in Namibia.
This year’s trials featured over 137 athletes from northern, central and coastal regions. All nine affiliated styles (Goju Kai Namibia, Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate Namibia, Karate Zen, Namibia JKA, Shotokan Karate Academy Inter-national, Tenshinkan, Bushido Shotokan, Kushido, and the Namibia Kyukoshin Karate Organization) were represented at the trials.
The tournament also featured many of Namibia’s top international karateka including: Suzelle Pronk (2018 Commonwealth bronze medalist and the first Namibian to participate at a K1 Premier League Tournament, captain of the 2018 national karate team);
Mayvonne Swart (bronze medalist at the 2018 African Youth Games and double medalist (silver and bronze) at the 2018 African Junior Karate Champion-ships); Freddy Mwiya Jr (bronze medalist at the 2018 African Junior Karate Championships and double medalist (gold and bronze) at the 2018 Common-wealth Karate Champion-ships; and Michelle Tjimuku (bronze medalist at the 2018 African Junior Karate Championships and member of the 2018 African Youth Games team).
During the trials, the athletes’ performances were assessed by a selection panel consisting of senior instructors from the various different styles as well as the national coach, Llewellyn Manale. Athletes were scored along various different criteria throughout the day and previous years’ performances were also taken into account by the selection panel. The panel will decide on two or three athletes per division to make up the national squad, which is due to be announced within the up-coming week.
The first major tournament for the team will be the 2019 AUSC Region 5 Karate Championships, which NAKU will be hos-ting between 23 and 25 of May at the Dome in Swakopmund. Coach Llewellyn Manale and his team aim to improve on last year’s performance at Region 5 (3rd overall of 7 Countries present); placing Namibian Karate as the dominant force in Southern Africa. Other than Region 5, NAKU also hopes for a strong performance at this year’s Africa Karate Championships which is to be held in Gaborone, Botswana, from 12 to 14 July.
The primary challenge faced by NAKU is financing its athletes and tournaments. NAKU currently receives no additional financing from the Namibia Sports Com-mission (NSC) and is only sponsored by Paratus Telecom with regards to the hosting of its website and email.
Other than financing its national tournament (budgeted at N$50 000) which is to be held in September, NAKU also faces N$50 000 per year in annual affiliation fees and has set aside a budget of N$100 000 for this year’s Region 5 Championships.
NAKU hopes that with the help of sponsors, it can allow more athletes to participate in international tournaments; and also hopes to be able to implement a National Karate League which will allow for more participation opportunities and better tracking of athlete performance year round. Please do not hesitate to forward any queries regarding sponsorship to the president of the Namibia Karate Union, Cornelius D’Alton ( or the public relations officer, Stefan van der Merwe (StefanVDM01@
The select a team are:
Abraham Losper, Adelinde Lang, Alexander Neidel, Anco Vermeulen, Anthony Palmer, Biandri Duvenhage, Bora Dadi, Brandon-Lee Martin, Brett Geyser, Brian Nakam-bonde, Brian Claasens, Caitlin Louw, Carlo Amia, Celine Shilongo, Char-maine Jansen, Cherné Scheepers, Chris McLune, Christiaan de Schmidt, Christof Sheefeni, Damien Klein, Daniel Jacobs, Daniel Tjimuku, Danielle Kriess, Danika Blaauw, Devano Diergaardt, Do-minique Smit, Dominique Tsaneb, Edward Drotsky, Ehno Uamburu, Elsabe du Plessis, Emilio Joseph, Eric Clarke, Esterhuizen Mustafa, Eveline Amakali, Ferquin Korner, Franco Nauseb, Freddy Mwiya junior, Gabriella Dier-gaardt, Ginghano Dadi, Gregwin Lewin, Henry Jooste, Herman van Zyl, Jacques Beukes, Jakua-terua Ndivanga, Jamal Simataa, Jamine-Bobo Mupia, Jan-Magiel Leff, Jared Isaacs, Jason Landuleni, Jay-Dee Mouton, JD Rossouw, Jean de Schmidt, Jessie Paremore, Jewel Slinger, Joaquin Nel, Jonas Amunyela, Jordan Rossouw, Joseph Johannes, Joshua Kunneke, Julian Stuurman, Julio Mwiya, Jurgen van Wyk, Justin Scholtz, Katelin Martin, Katja Dedekind, Keano Strauss, Keanu Stuurman, Kevin Theodore, Kyla Scheepers, Lamey de Jager, Lana Bajorat, Layten Adonis, Levi Strauss, Lilly Mwiya,
Manuel Sheehama, Maritza du Plessis, Marshall Klein,Mateus Angula, Mayvonne Swart, Mcleod Diergaardt, Megan Cupido, Mershall Jansen, Merziaan Mouton, Michael Nakapandi, Michelle Tjimuku, Mikayla Geyser, Miriam Idiou, Monique Jooste, Nadine Willemse, Naledi Amia, Nankole Mazila, Nathan Leopoldt, Nathan Muller, Nishaan Titus, Peter Munkelwitz, Phillip van Antwerpen, Phortune Karongee, René Giliomee, Requelle Ric-kerts, Reynard van Zyl, Riette Jacobs, Roche Thomas, Roelien Jones, Ronja Porteus, Rovaughn Kotze, Rudolph Barnard, Ryan Andreas, Salmon Ikanda, Sam Ekandjo, Shamila Poulton, Shamilla Shatika, Shane Husselmann, Shane Maart, Shanic Saban, Shirleen de Wee, Stefan van der Merwe, Stephan de Jager, Stephanus de Smit, Suheschia van Wyk, Suzelle Pronk,Taylor Seibes, Tileni Ithete, Timothy Coleman, Titus Nakambonde, Vaniya Diergaadt, Vonne Janse van Rens-burg, Werner Ahrens, Westley Marshall, Wiana Groenewald, Wilmor Jan-sen, Xavier Palmer, Xu-nika Nell, Yaron Lucas, Yasmarika van Wyk, Yoshida du Plessis and Zaviur de Wee.

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