Nambob joins the fight to save lives

With the Cancer Association of Namibia’s National Cancer Outreach Programme kicking off, Nambob Namibia (previously Avbob Namibia) has extended their support to CAN’s efforts in fighting cancer in Namibia.

“Keeping the Covid-19 regulations in check during our clinics to ensure the safety of our team and Namibians we engage, is pivotal!” explained Rolf Hansen, CEO of CAN.
“We are highly appreciative of the disinfectant, sanitizer and bottled water donated by Nambob to be used during our outreaches this year.”
Pictured is Mrs Abigail Smit of Nambob Namibia during the handing over of the items to Hansen.
Urgent request:
If any fuel companies/fuel stations nationwide might see it fight to donate diesel for our 2 outreach vehicles this year when we are in your town/region, we would greatly appreciate your support.
Contact our CEO, Rolf Hansen, at if you are willing to help us impact lives.
Connect with us and take a glimpse of what CAN does and how YOU can impact lives and help fight cancer in Namibia:

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