Namdeb enables new world- and national speed records

Namdeb pushes boundaries under harsh weather conditions to mine diamonds. Similarly the Lüderitz Speed Challenge participants also use the unique weather conditions and the environment in Lüderitz to maximise opportunities and push their limits.

Namdeb, through its Northern Coastal Mines enabled numerous riders from around the world to achieve new world and national speed records during the 2015 Lüderitz Speed Challenge through its sponsorship. Namdeb constructed the 800m long channel that is designed to take maximum advantage of the Lüderitz wind.

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge requires careful planning, coordination, commitment and dedication from all involved. It is nature and man come together to stretch man’s limits using only the power of nature. For the last eight years competitors from around the world have come to Lüderitz to challenge themselves and push their limits. Each year and throughout the competition the channel is refined and modified to allow the riders to safely stretch their physical and mental limits to new unbelievable levels.

The six-week Speed challenge was no disappointment this year with two world records, 35 national records and 31 personal bests being achieved. Antoine Albeau from France set a new men’s windsurfing record at 53.27 kts (98.66 kph) and Karin Jaggi from Switzerland broke the ladies windsurfing record with a speed of 46.31 kts (85.77 kph

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