Namib Diesel Social Doubles League 2019

The Namib Diesel Social Doubles League commenced on July, 31st. It has kept the momentum going from a competitive Socials to which is going to be an equally competitive Social Doubles league, which is made up of 2 doubles teams from each team that competed in the Social league. With the teams pretty evenly matched it’s going to be a tight contest right till the end.

The results for the past 2 weeks are as follows:-
Wednesday 31 July:
A Section
Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies beat Radio Electronic 3-2. Danie Greeff/Dirk Bosman had to gather all their grit and know how to get the better of Michael Stauder/Joe Hermann.
Namib Diesel beat FCS 3-2. Brandon Grane/Robert Schaaf had to stay at full revs to take out Imanuel Amorongo/Lino Koopman.
Supatronix beat Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers 3-1. Proving that they at the helm of the ship, Leslie Bosman/Ze de Brito sunk Michael Gruhn/Christopher Hill.
Gateway Logistics beat Bitstream 3-1.Emil Dorgeloh/Dylan Spencer played the perfect game. Too many unforced errors on by Angelo Titus/Jan de Smit.
B Section
Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies [Trevor Heath/Chelsea de Gou-veia] beat Radio Electronic [Ricardo von Stein/Zola Nel] 3-0. Trev was quite happy to let Chelsea play the leading role in de-feating their opponents.
Supatronix [Wynand Breytenbach/Jaco de Jager] beat Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers [Henning du Plessis/Luther Mostert] 3-1. A supa comfortable win for the Supatroni-xians.
Bitstream [Sharde Fisher/Diana Meyer] beat Gateway Logistics [Tilden Smith/ Lindsay Lottering] 3-0. The Bitstreamers kept their connection in sync and took an easy win.
Wednesday 7 August:
A Section
Gateway Logistics beat Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers 3-1. Emil/Dylan made Michael/ Chis look slow on the court.
Bitstream beat Namib Diesel 3-2. Angie/ Sharde made a good combo and threw a spanner in the works to down Bran-don/Robert.
Supatronix beat Radio Electronic 3-2. Ze/Les managed to keep energy cells up, whilst Michi/Joe suffered power fluctuations.
Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies bt FCS 3-0. W/O.
B Section
Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers beat Gateway Logistics 3-0. Henning/Patrick Quinn took no chances against Lindz/Tilden.
Namib Diesel beat Bitstream 3-1. Jaco de Witt/ Shawn Mouton were firing on all cylinders and were always in control against JakkieNel/Diana.
Radio Electronic beat Supatronix 3-0. A win, which Wynie/Jaco took in their stride.
For those interested the outcome of the tussle between The NDSL A& B Teams for bragging rights, the B team won 3-2. Both number 2s were unable to play. Danie Greeff [A] beat Brandon Grane[B], Jaco de Witt [A] lost to Dirk Bosman [B], Sharde Fisher [A] lost to Shawn Mouton [B], Chelsea de Gouveia [A] beat Ockie du Plessis [B] and Doyle de Haas [A] lost to Lindsay Lottering [B]. The motivation and drive to outplay each was great, which made it a very enjoyable and interesting encounter. Well played B Team.

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