Namib Diesel Social Doubles League

With the commencement of the Namib Diesel Social Doubles League, Buccaneers Squash Club is once again a hive of activity.

It is just as popular, as the Social league with maybe a smidgen more of fun included. Doubles can be scary to watch but believe you me it can also have you on the floor rolling with laughter. The shots and antics on the courts can sometimes be downright hilarious.

As can be seen the entry is quite large this year, which is why Wednesday evenings are such a hoot.

The results for last week are as follows: –

Monday 24th September

Anet & Leslie Bosman beat Eunice & JC Platt 3-0

C & E [Christina & Ettienne Beukes] beat Jacoline Oelofse & Imanuel Amo-rongo 3-0

Wednesday 26th September

Joe Hermann & Marchelino Koopman beat JC Platt & Tilden Smith 3-0

CDG [Chantel & Chelsea de Gouveia] beat Double Trouble [Kirsten Wolhuter& Esmerelda Dames] 3-0

Sergio Figueiredo & Michael Stauder beat Namib Diesel [Jaco de Witt & Angelo Titus] 3-1

Beauty & The Beast [Heibri & Alan Hartung] beat Eunice & JC Platt 3-1

Cecil Humphries & Leslie Bosman beat Jan de Smit & Gerhard Lottering 3-0

LauritzHaccou & Ricku Mans beat Team Titans [Tiaan van der Westhuizen& Christo Smit] 3-0

Tweety Pies [Edwina Southgate & Anet Bosman] beat Power Puff [Eunice Platt & Paulina Kapitango] 3-0

Beer Pressure [Trevor & Brandon Grane] beat Top Deck [Imanuel Amorongo & Danie Jansen] 3-1

Kiss My Ace [Diana Meyer & Chris Bruyns] beat Anna Maria Venter & Jaco de Jager 3-2

Youngsters [Ettienne Beukes & Joshua Wood] beat Ryan Gruhn & Chantel de Gouveia 3-0

Patrick Quinn & Willie van Duijvenbode beat 911 [Eric Mans & Johann van der Merwe] 3-1

Lindsay Lottering & Diana Meyer beat Heibri Hartung & JacolineOelofse 3-0

Zeenad Martins & Marchelino Koopman beat C & E 3-1

Lindsay Lottering & Doyle de Haas beat Sasquash [Edwina Southgate & Christo van Wyk] 3-1.

Christopher Hill & Robert Schaaf beat NAMFLAVAS [Richard van der Meer & George Bekker] 3-2

Shawn Mouton & Gunther van Wyk beat Ockie du Plessis & JakkieNel 3-1

X-Factor [Christina Beukes & Paula Louw] beat Super Heroes in Training [Maretha Mouton & Hendrina Louw] 3-0

Anet & Leslie Bosman beat The Ninjas [Kirsten Wolhuter & George Bekker] 3-0

C3H [Carla Cummings & Christopher Hill] beat Jacoline Oelofse & Imanuel Amorongo 3-0.















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