Namib Diesel Social Squash League

The 2019 Namib Diesel Social Squash League had a great opening round this year.

Instead of the usual twelve teams participating, it has been decreased to eight teams. This is proof that the teams are much stronger, and most positions should be on par with each other. The opening was thoroughly enjoyed by everybody.
The results of Wednesday 12 June are as follows:
FCS (3) vs Supatronix (3)
1. Imanuel Amorongo beat Leslie Bosman 3-0.
2. Marcelino Koopman beat Ze de Britto 3-1.
3. Stephen van Lingen beat Wynand Breytenbach 3-2.
4. Christo van Wyk lost to Jaco de Jager 0-3.
5. Anet Bosman lost to JC Platt 0-3.
6. Christelle Eiman lost to Doyle de Haas 0-3.
Gateway Logistics (2) vs Bitstream (4)
1. Emil Dorgeloh lost to Angelo Titus 2-3.
2. Dylan Spencer lost to Jan de Smit 1-3.
3. Richard van der Meer lost to Chantel de Gouveia 2-3.
4. Willem van Duijvenbode lost to Sharde Fisher 2-3.
5. Stefan Swartz beat Diana Meyer 3-1.
6. Lindsay Lottering beat JakkieNel 3-0.
Radio Electronic (5) vs Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers (1)
1. Devon Savage beat Michael Gruhn 3-0.
2. Michael Stauder beat Christopher Hill 3-0.
3. Joe Hermann beat Peter Pahl 3-0.
4. Jorn Wormsbacher beat Patrick Quinn 3-0.
5. Ricardo von Stein beat Arlene Visser 3-2.
6. Zola Nel lost to Luther Mostert 0-3.
Namib Diesel (4) vs Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies
1. Brandon Grane beat Danie Greeff 3-2.
2. Robert Schaaf lost to Stefan van Tonder 2-3.
3. Jaco de Witt beat Dirk Bosman 3-1.
4. Shawn Mouton beat Trevor Heath 3-1.
5. Ockie du Plessis lost to Chelsea de Gouveia 1-3.
6. Carla Venter beat Anna Maria Venter 3-0.

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