Namibia Fight Championships

The second edition of Namibia Fight Championships held at the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre was a huge success.

It was a glorious event with fighters as young as 6 years old and two kickboxing fights where Ankia Rentzke defeated Marchell Vermaak and Arnett Nolte defeated Elize Arangies. In the first Namibia Fight Championships the fight between Rentzke and Vermaak ended in a draw.
Delano Muller and Charlie Abisai defended their titles as both the boxers were victorious. Danny of TDT faced boxers in exhibition fights in preparation for his upcoming fight in June. Monika Kambonde a woman boxer from Swakopmund defeated Tuli Reinhold n man a unanimous decision in a fascinating three-round boxing bout. The 15 year old Monika said after her fight that she would like to represent Namibia at the Olympic Games.
Lesley! Hoaeb and Delano Muller faced their opponents in preparation for their upcoming Battle of Atlanta World Championships in Atlanta USA, where they will defend their World Titles. The two kickboxers and Geano Alcock will leave for Atlanta USA 12 June where they will compete in the Battle of Atlanta World Championships on 4 & 15 June.
We would like to thank the Namibian Kick-boxing Federation (NKF) for their continuous input and organizing the events. Namibia RCFAI & Kickboxing Academy, TDT – Danny, Swakopmund Fight Club work in harmony to develop children and to promote both sport codes.
Kickboxing results:
Stiaan Hefer defeated Aaron-Christiaan Mouton
Kayden Strauss defeated Stefan Zerbe
Raymundo Bowe registered a draw against Jaden Muhle
John-Carter Mouton defeated Janco Duvenhage
Kelsey Milho defeated Antonigue Zerbe
Wade Slinger defeated Ryan Opperman
Cherne Scheepers defeated Monnic Delport
James-Dean Goagoseb defeated Hirukevi Muhipa
Devereaux Hendricks defeated Micheal Smit
Manuel Romero defeated Schalk van Heerden
Martin Nandu defeated Llewellyn de Jager
Ankia Rentzke defeated Marchell Vermaak
Arnett Nolte defeated Elize Arangies
Boxing results:
Danny Junior Albino defeated Jessie Boy Mashalla
Fabian Helu defeated Ashley Helmut
Fabian Byl defeated Aamon Kuume
Monika Kambonde defeated Tuli Reinhold
Delano Müller defeated Robert Haufiku
Charlie Abisai who beat Samuel Mwatubange
Monarchy Mauha registered a draw against Martin Komilili
Nester Tomas defeated Wilson Rahama
Lesley Hoaeb registered a draw in his bout against David Haufiku.

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