Namibia joins World Speech Day

Isaac Chikosi

World Speech Day founded by Simon Gibson is a day to celebrate speeches and speech making through live events across the world. This year 100 countries will participate, and Namibia will join the ranks for the first time.

Organised by Brandt von West Namibia’s World Speech Ambassador, the event will take place in Swakopmund on 15 March this year free of charge.
“This is reaching out to unheard voices”, says von West. “Our theme this year is ‘Global Citizen’. It’s about expanding your horizons and thinking globally. Everyone is important and everyone’s voice needs to be heard.”
As a speaker and publisher, von West believes that Swakopmund is Namibia’s hub of creativity. Hence World Speech Day will become an annual event. The event will be held in Swakopmund at Aviary Coffee Shop. Von West hopes that next year it can be held in other cities in the country as well.
The five-minute speeches will be recorded, streamed live and posted on the World Speech Day Website.
This is an exciting opportunity for those wish to inspire, motivate, encourage or educate others through public speaking. If you want to be a speaker and you have something worth sharing and can do it in 5 minutes, then simply email to apply.

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