Namibia National Cancer Registry Needs Your Support

The Cancer Association of Namibia (WO30) manages the Namibia National Cancer Registry.
This registry is a national, population-based, data-set of all Namibian citizens diagnosed with cancer since 1984.
The aim of the registry is to capture all cancer cases to ensure quality data for planning purposes and advocating for better treatment programmes in our country.
In 2016 a 5-year report spanning 2010-2014 was published. During 2020 an interim report cove-ring the period up to 2017 was published.
However, the publication of a comprehensive quality report was delayed due to Covid-19. We have now finally been able to resume data capturing of the tremendous backlog in files received from pathology reports locally and that of Namibian cancer patients in South Africa.
The Cancer Association of Namibia is now working towards publishing a quality report of cancer incidence in Namibia up to December 2019.
Urgent Request
We respectfully ask all Namibians who have been diagnosed with cancer between 2017 and 2020 to contact the registry department and ensure your diagnosis is captured. Please note that we handle this very sensitive information with the strictest of confidentiality and is only for the use of planning in the office of the chief executive officer and advisory to the minister of health.
We guarantee and respect your privacy.
Please submit your name, contact details, type of cancer and Namibian ID number to canreg@can.
Our team will do the rest.
I thank all Namibians in advance for your support. Together we CAN make a difference with regard to cancer in our country!
Rolf Hansen -CEO of CAN and Director of the Namibia Nation Cancer Registry.

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